Seating Chart

For most events, there are four standard price levels in the Balcony of the West Herr Auditorium Theatre and three standard price levels in the Orchestra/Main Floor. (Breakdown noted in the provided key.) Individual shows determine the pricing structure and pricing locations may vary by show.

KEY:   Blue – Price Level 1 (highest)   /   Yellow – Price Level 2   /   Orange – Price Level 3   /   Green – Price Level 4 (lowest)

Please Note:

  • The “Loge” is the name for the section with the first 4 rows (A-D) in the Balcony Level before the aisle break, closest to the stage. This is not a separate tier like a Mezzanine, but rather just a name for the section.
  • There is no elevator access to the Balcony Level at this time. Patrons sitting in the Balcony Level must be able to climb stairs. There is no wheelchair or handicap-accessible seating located on the Balcony Level.
  • The front (row A) of the Balcony Level is positioned above the Orchestra level beginning at approximately row “R,” and there are no obstructed views within the Auditorium Theatre.

Accessibility Service Locations:

  • Wheelchair seating is depicted on the chart above, located in Orchestra Left and Orchestra Right, rows P and Y. Wheelchair seating is available to patrons who will sit in their own wheelchairs for the entirety of the performance. One companion seat is available for purchase next to each wheelchair ticket purchased. Transfer seating is also available on the Orchestra level.
  • During sign-interpreted performances, the interpreter is located to the right of the stage as depicted on the chart above.
  • During open captioned performances the captioning screen is located to the left of the stage as depicted on the chart above.