Theatre Etiquette

It is RBTL’s hope that all patrons who visit the West Herr Auditorium Theatre have a pleasant experience. To assure the enjoyment of the performance for all, please follow the theatre etiquette guidelines below.

Cell Phones: Please turn off your cell phone (and other electronic devices) or set it to silent (not vibrate) mode prior to the start of a performance. Do not text, use the internet, engage in social media, play games, or make calls during a performance. If an emergency call comes in, please exit your seat at an appropriate break in the performance. Cell phones should only be used during appropriate times at the start and end of a show or during intermission. The glow and sounds of a cell phone are distracting to both performers and patrons.

Fragrances: There are a number of patrons with severe allergies to strongly scented perfumes and colognes. Please use fragrances sparingly prior to a performance to prevent breathing concerns among patrons with these allergies and sensitivities.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the venue. If you choose to smoke before, during, or after a performance, please stand away from entrances and exits so that other patrons are not exposed and so smoke does not enter the building.

Attire: Out of respect for performers and patrons, please refrain from wearing hats or larger hairstyles that may block the view of those sitting around you. There is no specific dress code at Auditorium Theatre events.

Personal Belongings: Please bring minimal belongings into the Auditorium Theatre with you, and be sure they are kept within the confines of your seating location.

Late Arrivals and Early Exits: Many shows have a “hold” at the top of the show and sometimes throughout, during which time patrons may not be seated. Please arrive on time for a performance to avoid a delay in seating and disrupting other patrons. If you must leave your seat at any point during a show, please wait until an appropriate applause or scene change so as not to distract performers or patrons around you.

Noise: Please refrain from talking, humming, singing along, or whispering during a performance (unless encouraged to do so by a performer) so as not to distract those around you. Any wrappers or zippers should be taken care of prior to the start of a show.

Trash/Recycling: We take pride in the cleanliness and historical appearance of our building. Please return all trash and recycling to the provided receptacles in the lobby following a performance.

Photo/Video: Taking photos and videos is not permitted at most performances. Please refrain from recording or taking photographs unless otherwise informed. Members of the media are sometimes an exception to the rule but are given specific guidelines to follow.

Children: Unless attending a children’s show, our general guidelines for the appropriate age of a child is 6+ unless content is deemed appropriate for an older age group. Please be considerate of other patrons if your child is unable to sit still and quietly through a performance.

Aisles & Railings: Please keep all aisles, stairways, and railings free of personal items and concessions. Blocking an aisle is a fire hazard and items placed on a balcony railing can cause damage to electronic equipment and could potentially fall.

Live theater productions are community events and compliance with the Theatre’s etiquette guidelines is crucial to allow audience members to fully enjoy and participate in the experience. At the discretion of Management, RBTL reserves the right to eject any person that is excessively loud, disruptive, fails to comply with etiquette guidelines, exhibits behavior that threatens or interferes with other persons in the theatre, or who risks damage to the venue. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.