When you visit the West Herr Auditorium Theatre, RBTL’s first priority is your care and safety.
To that end, please be aware in advance of safety and security measures for events at our venue.

Upon entry, personal items will be inspected and all patrons will enter via a metal detector. Coats and hats may remain on. Keys and phones should remain in purses or be removed from pockets and placed in the provided trays. Large bags, outside food and drink, and weapons are not permitted.

The theatre’s air filtration system has been upgraded to MERV 13 filters in the HVAC system, along with some special filters designed to deal with airborne pathogens. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the lobby.

Proof of vaccination is not required for entry and masks are optional when attending events at the West Herr Auditorium Theatre. We appreciate the support, patience, and cooperation of our patrons as policies and procedures have evolved. If you are not feeling well on the day of your performance, we ask you to please stay home and contact the Auditorium Box Office at 585-222-5000 to review your ticketing options.

With questions or concerns, please contact the Auditorium Box Office at 585-222-5000 or [email protected].